Terms & Conditions

By proceeding with your order, you, the customer, understand and agree that:

  • Product colours may vary slightly from what are pictured in our pages, due to lighting and processing of images, varying outputs from different monitors and displays, as well as other factors.
  • We, the seller, are ONLY responsible for shipping you your purchases either with items bubble-wrapped and packed in flyer bags for courier options, or in unlined and unpadded reused cardboard boxes (with very slight allowance in spacing in case of minor dents to the box inflicted during the shipping process) for regular domestic parcel, and in the case of postage to international addresses, with your purchase invoice detailing product, pricing, totals and your name and address attached in a clear sleeve taped to 1 side of the box. We will NOT be responsible for determining import restrictions, import clearance requirements, as well as any excise duties and other levies which might be incurred by your country‚Äôs authorities, and you have to ensure you have done your due diligence before proceeding with orders.
  • We, the seller, are NOT responsible for any damage, loss or theft of your purchases occurring during the shipping process. You may contact shipping company in such event.
  • We only offer postage either via Poslaju (Pos Malaysia’s courier service) or via Pos Malaysia’s Domestic Parcel for deliveries within Malaysia, and Pos Malaysia’s International Parcel for international deliveries. Domestic and international parcel services are classified as standard mail with charges based on actual weight rather than volumetric weight used by EMS and courier services, are not insured by default (insurance is a separate additional cost), and unless otherwise stated, trackable only within Malaysia.
  • We do not offer any warranties or guarantees on damage, malfunction or wear and tear incurred during use of purchased products.
  • In the event of any disputes or legal issues arising from your purchase or use of products purchased from us, laws and regulations current in Malaysia at time of aforesaid disputes or legal issues shall prevail.