Our online store caters to customers from across Malaysia (both East and West) and Singapore, as well as customers from a selection of countries worldwide. We provide 3 options for you to get hold of your purchases, depending on where you are or where you want the bags to be shipped to:

Pos Malaysia (Domestic Parcel)

We utilise the services of Pos Malaysia to send out your purchases to you. The cost of shipping will be calculated at checkout. Items are shipped out within 2 working days after payment is made, and is usually delivered within 3-14 working days after shipment is sent out (average 4-6 days for West Malaysia). Tracking code will be provided.

PosLaju (Domestic)

You now also have the option of PosLaju, Pos Malaysia’s courier service provider, for faster delivery times, between 1-4 working days. Be warned that PosLaju will be about 4 TIMES MORE EXPENSIVE than domestic parcel. Also note that due to the virtual impossibility of predicting the final box size to fit your purchases, if you choose PosLaju, you will have to separately contact us with the bags you wish to purchase, to obtain a shipping quote before proceeding.

Why your PosLaju so expensive? Because even though the bags are light, the parcel size is big, as your items are packed in cardboard boxes. We DO NOT ship in plastic sleeves as bags and baskets are easily damaged in transit with no rigid protection.

Why do my other online purchases have much cheaper PosLaju rate? Simple, because of the size of the overall package.

Pos Malaysia (International Air Parcel)

For international addresses, we also utilise Pos Malaysia’s services to send out your purchases to you. The cost of shipping will be calculated at checkout. Items are shipped out within 2 working days after payment is made, and depending on the destination, are usually delivered within 5-15 working days after shipment is sent out. Tracking code will be provided. For international deliveries, we attach your invoice with details of items purchased as well as shipping costs in a clear sleeve taped to the box/boxes containing your items.

You are solely responsible for all import clearance requirements, as well as any excise duties and other levies which might be incurred by your country’s authorities. Please do your due diligence before proceeding with your order, and feel free to consult with us if you have any additional requirements for your postage.
– For Singapore customers, from what we have managed to find out, duties or GST will be levied if your total purchase plus shipping exceeds the equivalent of S$400.
– For Australian customers, kindly note restrictions on importation of any wood or other plant-based material, such as the rattan or bamboo components on some of our products.
– Some countries might have protection policies which result in levies on the importation of plastic products as well as handicraft.