With our change to courier-only deliveries for Peninsular Malaysia addresses, shipping is now quoted per item, due to the unique nature of our bags, and system limitations. BUT if buying multiple items, you can still get a cheaper final shipping rate. Watch the short video below, or read on to find out how to save!

What is Volumetric Weight?
Most customers think shipping price is only based on an item’s actual weight, but courier companies also use something called volumetric weight. Basically, when an item is really light, but takes up space (like a Penan bag!), instead of weighing on a scale, they measure it in centimetres (length, width, height). They then take these 3 dimensions, multiply them, then divide by 5000, to obtain volumetric weight in kilograms. See the below formula for a better idea:

(length x width x height)

And so the shipping for a bag that only weighs 600g would be calculate as weighing 5kg! A quick Google search will reveal lots of stories of frustrated people who took bulky but light boxes to the courier, and having to pay a lot more for the 1-2kg their box actually weighed.

How Do You Work Out Shipping On Your Online Store?
Shipping is shown per item selected, depending on the volumetric weight of the said item. So if you took 3 items, you would see total shipping for all 3 items.

Can I Save On Shipping?
To save shipping cost, items can often be stacked into one another, but not always! More often than not, items are shipped with lots of wasted empty space inside. However, if you bought additional items which were smaller, or narrower, or shorter than the biggest item, and these items could be stacked or placed inside the big item, you only need to pay the cost of shipping for the biggest item, NOT the combined cost of each individual item’s shipping.

If we can stack, you can save!

“But How Does This Saving Happen? My shipping is still so expensive at checkout!”
Unfortunately, our system is unable to ‘figure out’ whether your selected items can be stacked into each other or not and to give you a precise cheapest shipping price. Technical limits 🙁

According to Amelleia, “It is still a very manual thing – when an enquiry comes, I will go and find the request items in our home shop, often neatly stacked on a shelf, and then ‘play puzzle’ with them, to try and give you the cheapest shipping!”

So to get your savings going:
1. Take your time to choose from our wide selection, and finalise your choices first.
2. Once you have decided, go to each item page and look for the SKU code – note them down. SKU code can be found as seen in the image below, circled in red.

3. Drop us a text (016-4450145), or email us at info@penanbags.com with your list of SKUs, and give us your postcode.
4. We will ‘play puzzle’ and when done, we will get back to you with the lowest possible shipping rate.
5. You let us know if you want to go ahead, and we will issue you a discount coupon to enter during checkout.
6. Ensure the shipping amount now reflects the lowest possible shipping rate we provided you earlier, then proceed to place order and complete payment.


Yes, it is a little bit more work than before, we admit, but it is currently the only way we are able to provide you with the best shipping rate for your purchase with the new courier-only shipping options. We thank you for your generous support and look forward to hearing from you with your SKUs and post code! Happy shopping!