The Penan Bag Shop is a small online store set up to cater to the growing demand for finely handwoven Penan craft across Peninsular Malaysia. Gone are the days where you could only get your Penan bag from an occasional fair or popup market. It has now become even easier to choose and purchase your very own Penan craft, from the screen of your device, and have it shipped right to your doorstep!

All Penan craft on this website are exclusively supplied by Helping Hands Penan, an organisation dedicated to the betterment of living conditions in Penan communities, facilitation of education for Penan children and young people up to tertiary levels and the economic empowerment of Penan families through the production and sale of their craft, known for its high quality of workmanship and beauty. Do visit ther website or Facebook page to know more about their work and for updates on their activities, projects as well as upcoming sales in your area.

The Penan Bag Shop is owned and managed by ARMS Forward Ventures (SSM Reg’n No: 202403087562), a small Malaysian home-based enterprise based in Tanjung Bungah, Penang known especially for Rudy’s Ginger Beer, a home-brewed natural soda, home-smoked bacon as well as assorted home-baked confectioneries. Founders Rudy and Amelleia have been affiliated with the Helping Hands Penan network since 2013, originally dedicating a section of their former cafe, Soohongry to Penan craft, and later selling Penan craft at numerous fairs and popup markets in Penang as well as distributing them to select retail outlets across the island.